Mother Goose got rewarded for her life of good deeds with a dangerous gift a source of seemingly endless money and so the means to buy friends and beauty.

In the ultimate pantomime case of “He’s behind you!” this was a story of the cunning work of the devil and how even the purest souls can be corrupted . writes Melanie Bonn.

It’s fitting then that Alan McHugh, who wrote the version of this age old story for the Perth Stage, has just been touring with ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ the musical based on the rise of singing sensation SuBo. Like Mother Goose, Susan Boyle has been extracted from her ordinary life and thrown into the bewildering world of ‘Yes people’ and image stylists.

Themes of fragile self worth and distorted body image were obviously lost on my six and four year old assistant critics. They liked the flatulence and the bare bottom.

The big top set was colourful and created the scene for circus tricks and fun but there was a fair bit of the dark side to make you test out your best effort at booing whenever possible.

Barrie Hunter carried off the gags and the golden eggs with great style. Mother Goose was just as she should be, “an oven ready free range minger” as she/he delicately put it.

Barrie must be getting used to hitching up his outsized spotty bloomers after playing Marge O’Reen, another Perth Panto dame in last year’s Jack and the Beanstalk.

Anthony Strachan played a delightfully lovable Luigi Stromboli, the soft hearted strong man at Mother Goose’s circus. He played the same role in Perth in 1997 and looked like he’d been training hard for his character all through the intervening years, but instead he’s been busy doing TV stints for Holby City and Rebus.

Ewan Donald played Carlo the Clown, reluctant hero and devoted admirer of Mother Goose’s fair daughter, Ginny Goose. Ewan was last seen at Perth Theatre as a far more macho suiter, he was one of the Spanish brothers in The Odd Couple which was also directed by Rachel O’Riordan. His gymnastic clowning antics had all the kids in stitches.

Under the down of the goose costume was Joseph Mann who’s just been one of the highlights of Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Summer Season.cheapnfljerseysonlineus Priscilla the Goose showed considerably more wisdom and restraint that her flighty owner when it came to handling fame and fortune.

Younger audience members were transfixed and pretty horrified by the devilish goings on, although enough sweets were hurled at the balcony to convince the under 5s present that it was all a good laugh really.

Overall this production was pitched above those who were still wee enough to get on a helter skelter but lives up to the tradition of fun packed seasonal entertainment.

2016 UNC football schedule ranked

Here’s what you should know about the Tar Heels’ football schedule right away: It’s more difficult than it was last year so much so that UNC could be better this season but finish with a worse record. That’s what happens when you trade Wake Forest for Florida State, and South Carolina for Georgia.

And, oh yes, Miami, Virginia and Virginia Tech all appear to have upgraded their coaching staffs with the hiring of new head coaches. So those three teams, all of them among UNC’s Coastal Division rivals, could be better than they’ve been (although it will take a while for those staffs to recruit).

One of UNC’s two FCS opponents, the Dukes went 9 3 last year including a victory at SMU and they added Wakefield’s Connor Mitch, the former South Carolina quarterback, as a transfer. Still, if UNC doesn’t win this game by at least three touchdowns people will be asking how and why.

11. The Citadel, Nov. 19

The main thing to know about The Citadel: It runs the triple option and runs it well. It averaged 346.9 rushing yards per game last season. Given UNC’s shaky (or worse) run defense a season ago, this is the more difficult of the Tar Heels’ FCS games.

10. at Illinois, Sept. 10

The Illini were 4 7 last season and then lost more than half of its starters on both offense and defense before Illinois hired Lovie Smith to try to resurrect a program that has lost its way. If it happens, it’s not likely to happen this season.

9. at Virginia, Oct. 22

Goodbye, Mike London and hello, Bronco Mendenhall. The cupboard isn’t bare, at least. Recruiting was never London’s problem. But can Mendenhall change the culture in his first season? And does Virginia have an answer at quarterback? And why is that a question, it seems, every year?

8. State came into Kenan Stadium and cleared it by the fourth quarter amid a victory that had coach Dave Doeren cracking on the belt he once saw a UNC fan wear. But it was only two years ago. UNC took a big step forward last year. Not so much for the Wolfpack.

7. Virginia Tech, Oct. 8

The end of the Frank Beamer era at Virginia Tech mirrored the end of the Bobby Bowden era at Florida State. Except at Virginia Tech there was no Jimbo Fisher waiting in the wings. Or superior recruiting year after year. Which is to say: It might (and likely will) take Justin Fuente a while to rebuild.

6. at Duke, Nov. 10

Another Thursday night, nationally televised game between the Tar Heels and Blue Devils in Durham in November. These two programs, it seems, are always playing nationally televised, primetime games under the lights, with high stakes. Same old, same old here.

5. vs. Georgia Tech, Nov. 5

The Yellow Jackets were 3 9 last year but it was a respectable 3 9, what with close, not bad losses against Georgia, Virginia Tech, Virginia and Pitt and and a victory against Florida State. Plus, most of the offense is back, giving the triple option a better chance to infuriate opposing defenses.

4. vs. Pittsburgh, Sept. 24

Most of the starters are back on offense and defense, and that doesn’t include the return of James Connor, the 2014 ACC Offensive Player of the Year. He missed last season after being diagnosed with cancer, and his return is already one of the great stories of the 2016 season.

1 at Florida State, Oct. 1

2 vs. Georgia (in Atlanta), Sept. 3

3 at Miami, Oct. 15

3. at Miami, Oct. 15

Miami seems the wildest of the wild cards in the Coastal. Who knows what to expect? All we know is that Mark Richt seems too good for Miami, which underachieves annually and has the worst stadium situation in the ACC. Not much depth here, but Miami doesn’t lack for top end talent, as usual.

2. vs. Georgia (in Atlanta), Sept. 3

Is this the most important season opener in school history for UNC? The case can be made. A victory on this kind of stage, against this kind of opponent, could do wonders for the Tar Heels. A loss and the national perception will be set true or not that UNC is more pretender than contender.