Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens said in a statement that the Ducks’ partnership with TeamFanShop will “significantly benefit our fans, our department and the entire university.” I’m not sure about all that, but at least now .

Oregon partnering with a firm to handle online merchandise sales also continues a trend that’s been going on for decades in college sports but seems to be gathering steam: the farming out of a whole slew of athletic department duties and pursuits.

For instance, Oregon has IMG to handle its multi media rights and marketing operations. wholesale jerseys It has NeuLion run its athletic Web site, Paciolan help with ticket sales and, of course, Nike supply its uniforms. It’s hard to believe now, but those kinds of things used to be run in house right down to coaches and equipment managers cobbling together uniforms from multiple suppliers.

Successful athletic departments have simply grown too big and complex to handle such things on their own. Outsourcing and specialization is the way everything is going, as you can see by TeamFanShop’s partners, which include Auburn and Pac 10 compatriot Arizona among many others.

Oregon wasn’t on the list as of Tuesday night. Maybe TFS’s staff was too busy selling jerseys to add them. For the Ducks’ bottom line, that’s good news.