Wedding FAQs

When do we come in to Deity to finalize the details of our Wedding?

We generally have you sit down with an event coordinator to write down the “day-of” schedule & menu planning 4-8 weeks before your Wedding. This is when you will discuss the majority of the details as well as the timing and flow of the day.

During your “day-of” scheduling meeting, you will speak with an event coordinator, and they will be filling out this SCHEDULE for our own in-house purposes. Please feel free to begin filling this out yourself to bring to this meeting, it may keep you organized yourself, as well as remind you of the details that you need to figure out. We highly recommend taking your own notes during the meeting, in addition to the notes we will take.

What services does the Deity day-of event coordinator provide?

Deity provides you with a “day-of” event, on-site coordinator as part of your Wedding package for no additional fee. A member of the coordination team will be present for your planning meeting and will be there the day of the wedding to execute that plan. Your day-of coordinator is not your Wedding planner. They are there to coordinate the timing and the flow of your Wedding. They are part of a team at Deity that helps make your Wedding Day go as smoothly as possible.

Deity provides competitive pricing and does not have hidden fees or administrative costs like many other venues. We keep it simple and straight forward without the complications of a Wedding Planner.

However, there are some additional services that we do not provide as part of your package, but can be provided for additional fees if you choose to use them. These services include: early access to the venue, food tastings, different linens or more assistance from the coordinator and staff.

What if we would like to do additional walk throughs of Deity with our families, photographers or florist?

We recommend that you plan all walk throughs for the same date as your planning meeting with your day-of coordinator. Any additional meetings or walk throughs are subject to early access feel for a Deity staff member to be present. This is also based on availability.

Does Deity allow outside Wedding planners?

We only allow pre-approved event planners.  If you came to us through a wedding planner, we are more than willing to work with him or her. But please if you are considering hiring one, consult with us beforehand.

Because Deity has 3 floors, does that mean our Wedding party will be broken up between the different floors?

No, it will not. Each of Deity’s 3 distinct levels will be used separately at different times through the course of the Wedding. And all of your guests will be together with you on the floor being used at that moment.

Do we need a rehearsal?

One of our event coordinators will be there the day of your wedding to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  However, we realize that a small number of our guests want to have a rehearsal option.  To accommodate them, we charge a $500 staff fee to open up the venue for up to a one-hour rehearsal the day before the wedding.  This of course depends on the availability of the venue.

Does Deity recommend a hotel in the area for our out-of-town guests or for a bridal suite?

We highly recommend The Nu Hotel, located 1 block down on the corner of Smith Street and Atlantic Ave. It is a Boutique Hotel, which offers blocks for Wedding parties.

What do we put for a start time on our invitations?

Put your start time on your invitations as your contract states, but expect your ceremony or reception to start about a half an hour after that. You cannot change or move up the start time with explicit signed approval from your event coordinator. Timing at Deity is crucial in order for our staff to give you the best service possible.

*Please notify your guests will not be allowed to enter the venue until the official start time, no exceptions.

How far in advance of the Wedding should we ask my guests to RSVP?

We need the final RSVP number at least three weeks in advance of the wedding.  It is typical for couples to ask for their guests to RSVP no later than 3-6 weeks before the wedding.

Does Deity provide directions cards?

We do not have printed direction cards. However here is a handy link that can provide guests with Google map and mass transit information.

Does Deity allow outside catering?

We do not allow outside catering.   We have an in-house catering staff to help design and choose your menu to your tastes or for your cultural specifications.

Does Deity offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Of course we do.  Check out our menu to see some options. Individual vegan or vegetarian meals are an option, but we do have some constraints. We will have to know the amount of meals and their exact table assignment. Once this is assessed, your day-of coordinator can advise you on how to best move forward.

Does Deity offer Kosher meals?

We are not a Kosher kitchen, however we can order individual meals from a local Kosher kitchen if they are needed for a select group. There will be an additional charge for this, minimums that will need to be met, and we will have to know each guests table assignment in advance. Please discuss your options with your day-of coordinator at your planning meeting.

Does Deity charge for children? 

If a child needs a seat, they are charged the same as any other guest.  If they are an infant in a mothers lap, we do not charge for them.  Chicken fingers and fries can be provided, if arranged in advance. Your day-of coordinator will require the ages and table assignments of each child for your final floor plan.

However, we highly recommend a local childcare company, Bag of Tricks Babysitting, that can offer many alternatives and solutions for children in attendance.

Does Deity’s catering provide tastings?

Yes, although we don’t believe tastings accomplish much. They are also a little more logistically difficult for us to do because we are not a full-time restaurant. We have to order food and bring in both the Chef and a server specifically for your tasting.

However, we realize a tasting might be important to a small percentage of our customers.   So we offer a tasting for a flat fee of $150 per person.  This cost helps defer the cost of the food and staffing for a tastings, though obviously does not cover all of it.

Your tasting will include the following choices- 14 items total:  4 entrees.  8 hors d’oeuvres and two sides.


How long will our cocktail hour, dinner service, or passed food reception last?

Our cocktail hour before seated dinner service is generally 1 hr 15 mins. With 15 mins. Followed by 1 hr of dinner. Speeches commence at the end of this hour.

Our passed food cocktail reception will have 2 full hrs of passed & stationary food.

Does Deity allow outside cakes/cupcakes?

We do allow outside cakes/cupcakes.  Please ensure that you put us in touch with the bakery to arrange delivery, storage and set-up before your Wedding day.  
Some cakes and cupcakes require refrigeration, where as some do not. We will need to know what type & dimensions your cake/cupcake are s as well as instructions the may require.

If you want to provide something more for your guests sweets-wise, we have a delicious and unique Dessert Menu from which you can choose.  This is a cost in addition to your Wedding package and the cost depends on what items you choose. Generally it runs around $5-$12 per person.

Does Deity have a preferred bakery for Wedding cakes and cupcakes?

Our preferred vendor for this is One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn. Another favorite bakery in the area is Momofuku Milk Bar, who provides deconstructed cakes, in tasty flavors.

If you want to provide something more for your guests sweets-wise, we have a delicious and unique Dessert Menu from which you can choose.  This is a cost in addition to your Wedding package and the cost depends on what items you choose. Generally it runs around $5-$12 per person.

Does Deity charge for cake cutting?

Cake cutting comes complimentary as part of your wedding package. We will gladly cut and serve your wedding cake on real china to your guests, along with coffee and tea, for no additional charge.

Will Deity set up our viennese table or candy bar?

We are more than happy to place out outside desserts on already constructed cupcake towers or on tables. However, if you have a more extravagant viennese table or candy, a small fee will incur for our staff to set it up. You can also hire outside companies that specialize in this. Please ensure that you discuss your dessert plans with your day of coordinator so that they understand how much is involved.

How do we know what décor is included in my package?

Deity already has it’s own distinct decor that comes complimentary with each event. This Deity In-House Decor sheet lists exactly what is included in your candle decor package. It also outlines the pricing for add-ons that can be arranged through us.

Are we allowed to create my own DIY décor?

If you would like to add some of your own personal touches, we allow this for simple, pre-approved décor.  These decor items must be already arranged or constructed so that a Deity staff member can easily set them out. If it does require installation or assembly, we will charge a fee for the time it takes our staff to set it up. Please discuss what your décor plans are with your day-of coordinator at your planning meeting.

We also have a few rules about outside décor:

– Please, no confetti or glitter. It is a nightmare to clean up.

-If you plan on bringing in your own tablecloths or runners, know that these items generally come with fold marks. We want your Wedding to look as beautiful as possible, so a steaming fee of $300 may incur.

When can we drop off any DIY projects or items such as guest book, cardbox, programs, etc?

Drop off of these items are generally done in a 2-3 hr window prior to your Wedding. The exact time of drop off will need to be discussed with your day-of coordinator during your planning meeting.

Are we allowed access to Deity before our Wedding for set up purposes?

We charge a fee of $300 an hour for access to the venue prior to the start time of the Wedding for set-up by any outside vendors or for your own DIY projects.  This fee is to cover the extra staff required to oversee and assist you at this time. Please let your day-of coordinator know if early access is needed. Access is limited to availability.

How does Deity handle early access for us, the couple or for our bridal party and immediate family?

You,  your bridal party and immediate family only is allowed access to Deity up to one half hour before the start time of your Wedding for no additional charge.  This is an opportunity for you to relax and get ready.

If you want to take advantage of this, please notify us no less than 10 days before the day of the event and provide us a list of names of all those coming early.

How does Deity handle any guests that arrive early?

We are here to provide you with excellent service on the day of your Wedding. That said, we need all of the allotted set up time for our staff to be totally prepared for you and your guests. Because of this, we must insist that no guests are allowed access to Deity until your stated contract start time.

There are many coffee shops and restaurants in the area that we be pleased to have your guests. Here is a short list of places in walking distance that they can be directed:

Building on Bond


French Louie

Does Deity allow outside florists?

We allow outside florists for your Wedding.  Please speak to your day-of coordinator during your planning meeting about the items your florist is providing to ensure that they will not require any additional assembly or assistance.

If your florist needs early access to the venue, there will be a $300 hr staffing fee for a Deity staff member to be there. Access is based on availability.

Does Deity work with a preferred florist?

We have 2 wonderful preferred florists for custom floral arrangements Floral Heights, located on Atlantic Ave, has a beautiful classic aesthetic. We can also recommend Opalia, located right across the street, which provides arrangements with more of a rustic vibe.

Does Deity allow outside vendors?

We allow pre-approved outside vendors only.  If you have an outside vendor in mind that you would like to use, please contact our Director of Events for approval. However, we have a wonderful list of Preferred Vendors to recommend to you that we have worked with many times.

*We do not allow ANY outside DJs or security*

Are we required to provide a vendor meal for our photographer or other outside vendors? 

You are not required to do this. Many photographers and other outside vendors put in their contracts that you have to pay for their meal at your event.  Our staff certainly will not be eating during your event.  They will be focused on providing excellent service to you and your guests.  So should your vendors.  If one of your vendors says that they require you to pay for a meal for your event, simply tell them that the venue does not allow this.  This will cut short their attempt to get you to pay for a meal for them.

Does Deity have preferred photographers?

We have some really wonderful photographers to recommend. Your photographs are one of the most important parts of your Wedding. And we take that fact very seriously. That being said, we have worked with all of these photographers on numerous occasions and they are extremely professional (this is a big concern when choosing a photographer). The results from all of these photogs have all been very beautiful, and a lot are featured in our Real Deity Weddings Blog.

Our preferred Photographers are:

Le Image Photography

-offering “Deity Discounts” for those who book with us. Here is a pricing list

here is a gallery of the all of the Deity Events that Le Image has shot a Deity


Jashim Jalal

here is a look at his pricing

here is a blog post of his work for a Deity Wedding

and another blog post of a fabulous Deity Wedding

and another


Martina Micko

here is a blog post of her work for a Deity Wedding

and another post of  a gorgeous Deity Couple


George Street Photography

here is some info on their pricing

here is a blog post of their work of a Deity Wedding

here is a blog post of their work of a Deity Wedding


Hurst Weddings

What does Deity recommend for taking formal bridal party photos?

We highly recommend taking bridal party photos in advance at one of the many picturesque Brooklyn locations. Check out our Deity Real Weddings blog to give you some inspiration and ideas with what other couples have done in the past.

If you plan to go the traditional route, and not see each other before the ceremony, you have 2 options. Option 1 is to steal away during your cocktail hour to one of the above outdoor locations. The Deity façade can also offer a beautiful background for these shots. Option 2 is to take a short 15 min window of opportunity to take portraits in the Loft after your ceremony if weather or circumstances do not allow for outdoor photos. If you choose this option and you are having your seated dinner in Loft, please respect that our staff will need the entire time to switchover the room efficiently. 15 min is the maximum time that we can allow, and you will be asked to leave after that amount of time.

Does Deity offer space indoors before our ceremony as an alternative if it rains?

If rain and bad weather is a concern for your Wedding photos, please contact your day-of coordinator at least 24 hours in advance. At this time they will assess whether or not Deity is available, if any fee will incur for the early arrival of staff, and the time you will be able to have access.

We understand that no one can control the weather, however we take the service of your Wedding very seriously. That being said, having an impromptu photo shoot in our space while we are trying to set up for your big day can be disruptive. We will just need to make sure that all of our bases are covered to offer you the best service possible.

Does Deity have any preferred officiants?

We have worked with two lovely ladies and an awesome Rabbi that we highly recommend:

Rev. Samora Smith

Rev. Annie Lawrence

Rabbi Roger Ross

Does Deity provide tables & chairs?

Deity provides all tables and chairs, depending on your type of dinner service and your final guest count.

All events include:

  • Mahogany folding chairs
  • Bar stools
  • 30” round cocktail tables for cocktail hour/receptions
  • 30” round hi-top tables for the dancing portion of the Wedding
  • Various sized long tables for cake tables and dessert bars

For all seated, family-style dinners in the Loft space for guest counts of 65-135:

  • 60” round dining tables that seat up to 11 guests
  • A small 2’ x 4’ long sweetheart table
  • A head table of up to 10 facing out (three 6’ x 30” long tables)

For all seated, family-style dinners in the Lounge for guest counts of 65 or less:

  • Eight 6’ x 30” long tables for up to 8 guests
Does Deity provide real china & flatware?

Yes we do, free of charge. We offer white, square china plates & platters with imperial style flatware.

Does Deity provide their own linens?

We provide satin pintuck ivory tablecloths and white linen napkins as part of your wedding package. These are available for use on our dining tables, cocktail tables, hi-top tables, and cake/dessert tables. Custom colors and patterns are available through our coordination team for additional rental and steaming fees.

How does Deity handle outside linens or runners?

You are more than welcome to bring in tablecloths or runners, know that these items generally come with fold marks. We want your Wedding to look as beautiful as possible, so a steaming fee of $300 may incur. Please discuss what you plan on doing with your day-of coordinator during your planning meeting to make sure you get the right amount and sizes.

Do we need to have a seating plan for our dinner?

Not necessarily, some couples choose to keep their tables open to all their guests. However, if you would like to have assigned tables, our coordination team will provide you with a floor plan designed specifically for your Wedding. You will be provided this only when an exact final head count is given. This occurs usually about 2 weeks before your Wedding.

We do not allow assigned seating with place cards, it creates too much of a bottleneck at dinner time and interferes with our dinner service.

We do not provide you with your escort cards or charts. We can offer advice on these items, but this is something that you will have to provide for yourselves.

What if we would like to do a long table set up instead of rounds?

A big trend in Wedding dinners lately have been a “tuscan style” of seating. It does look beautiful in photos, however, for groups of 135 or less we highly discourage it. Our service is not as efficient on the long tables. Also, we do not carry the table cloths needed for this set-up in-house. Because of this, if your guest count is below 135, a rental fee for the tables & tablecloths as well an additional set-up fee will incur.

We are planning on providing favors for our guests, how does Deity handle this?

Let us take care of this for you.  Just bring the favors to the venue the day of the event and our doorman will hand out the favors as your guest depart, thanking them for attending.

Candles, chocolates, and other treats make fabulous favors. However, we do not allow liquor or liqueur favors.

Do we have to offer premium liquors to our guests?

No, you don’t. You can serve whatever type of alcohol you want.  You have full control over this. You have the choice of premium, well, or beer & wine only.

What if we decide we would like to offer signature cocktails?

-Deity offers a selection of in-house specialty cocktails for both well and premium bars. See our list created by our mixologist Karl McNally here. Our Housemade Specialty Cocktails are $11 and our Premium Specialty Cocktails are $14.

We recommend choosing from these lists if you want to offer exclusive signature drinks. Otherwise, if you have a recipe in mind, there will be a set-up fee as well as the cost of all ingredients to do this. These fees and costs will depend on the complication and availability of what is involved.

What are the prices of Deity’s drinks?

Here is a Deity Bar Menu with Prices of all of the beverages offered.

After our open bar open tab ends, can we switch to cash bar?


Does Deity allow any outside alcohol or wine?

We can not allow any outside alcohol of any kind. This includes any favors you plan on handing out to your guests.

Can we offer bottles of wine at each table for our dinner?

Yes. You have the choice of offering red and/or white, prosecco, champagne or sparkling cider at each table. You will be charged the price of each bottle (see wine list) and it will be put towards your tab.

How does Deity handle a champagne toast, should we have one? 

Our advice would be to let your guests toast with whatever beverage they have in their hands.  Many people don’t drink champagne, so pouring glasses of champagne is an unnecessary extra cost.

If you do want to do a traditional toast, we can help you save some money. First we serve Prosecco, not champagne.  Then we will charge you by the bottle, rather than the glass, which costs $50 a bottle. Lastly, we pour 1/3 of a glass each for your guests –   There is no need to pay for a full glass of champagne for everyone when most of your guests will only take a sip.

Does Deity have a sound system and microphone?

Yes, we are professionally wired for sound with microphones on all of 
our floors.

Does Deity have a projector?

Yes, we have 2 state of the art video projectors on our Lounge level. Access to these and a professional AV tech will be provided for $250. You will be put in touch with the technician about formatting and for testing.  You or a friend will need to provide the laptop or Ipad to play the video from. Apple equipment will require a special converter that you will have to supply as well. Arrangements need to made at least 10 days in advance for use of the equipment.

What are our options for processional music for the ceremony? 

Your Deity DJ will be at the venue for the duration of your event. If you are using recorded music for a processional and/or recessional please provide this music to your Deity DJ. They will be responsible for setting it up and playing it.

Does Deity have preferred professional string musicians for our ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner music?

We have a wonderful couple, who also got married at Deity, who are professional violinists. It is a really nice touch, and can be reached at

We also have a lovely Harpist that we recommend:

Will there be music provided for cocktail hour and dinner?

We have an uptempo and modern playlist that we use for many of our events available for all floors. As well as Pandora radio subscriptions.
If you would like to create your own playlist, please provide it to us on an Ipod or Ipad only.

Does Deity allow a band instead of a DJ?

Yes, however, your Wedding package accounts for use of a DJ. In the instance you want to use a band, your DJ fee will go towards the cost of a sound technician to set-up the band and for the use of our sound equipment. Please ensure that we are put in touch with the band in advance.

Will the Deity DJ play our preferred music?

Our DJ will be your DJ.  They will play anything (or not play) you want. Your DJ is provided for the dancing portion of your Wedding. Here is a link to reviews of our In-House DJs.

When do we get to speak to our DJ and provide him with our music list?

You will be put in touch with the DJ 2 weeks before the event.  At that time we suggest that you give the DJ 20-30 songs you absolutely want to hear and maybe the 4 or 5 that you don’t.

You also need to provide the DJ no later than 7 days before your Wedding the artist and name of any songs you want played for any first dances.  Also, give some thought to how you would like the DJ to announce you as a couple.

What happens if it is our contract-end time, but we still want to party?

We book our venue for five and a half hours and almost all weddings tend to wind down at about 6 hours.  There is something to be said about knowing when the party should end.

However, we do not have any time restrictions on when we must close, so if you, your friends and family are still celebrating, we are happy to stay open longer.  We just need to continue to see bar sales to justify the extra cost.
To stay open beyond the contract stipulated end time, we want to see a minimum of $1,200.00 an hour spent on additional bar sales. Which ends up being about 1 drink, per person, per hour.   If you do not reach this minimum, you would be required to make up the difference.

Who is responsible for cleaning the space?

We are, but we ask that if you hire any outside vendors, that they clean up after themselves.

How does Deity handle left personal items, favors & décor?

Please be sure that all your items are taken at the end, the day of the event.  It is always best to designate a family member or friend for this purpose.  We are limited for space at Deity and do not have room to store your left items.  Deity is not responsible for any items left at our venue after your Wedding.