The Brazilian government is already struggling to contain a growing public health disaster.

There are suspicions the mosquito borne virus is linked to more than 4,000 babies with brain deformities in South America’s largest country.

Up until now, it was thought the Aedesaegypti mosquito, which is confined to the tropics, was solely spreading the virus.

But scientists at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Recife, Pernambuco State, in the northeast of the country, pelle di serraggio believe otherwise.

They say they are as little as a month away from confirming that the virus is also being carried and transmitted by the much more common Culex mosquito.

There are 20 times more Culex mosquitos in existence as the Aedes aegyptiand they are significantly more widespread breeding throughout most of the Americas, parts of Africa and Asia so increasing the chances of the virus spreading.

The lead research scientist at the foundation, Constancia Ayres, told Sky News that if her suspicions are confirmed, the implications are huge.

She said so little was known about the virus and its effects, she and the other doctors were learning “as we go along”.

The virus has no cure and no vaccine and although efforts have now been stepped up to develop one, it’s far too late for the thousands already condemned to a lifetime of struggle where their hearing and sight may be affected, where their brain development will be limited and their life expectancy shortened.