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Best. Day. Ever.

Hi everyone! My wife and I got married in October 2018 at Deity, and to be perfectly honest, it was a DREAM COME TRUE. We were initially drawn to the venue by its unique features and the fact that it didn’t have that traditional wedding venue vibe, but more of a rustic/contemporary feel in a more intimate setting.We loved the fact that the prices were available and all-inclusive right up front. We had a planning a month prior to our wedding with Caio and Melissa, who would be our coordinator for the big day, and mapped out the entire day of our wedding.
Looking back on our actual wedding day, it was spectacular and we truly have Deity to thank for that. The staff of Deity were so on point and made sure my wife and I had everything we could ever need or want. Melissa had everything down to a T and worked endlessly with the rest of the staff to keep the day running as smoothly as possible. They did not forget the little things we spoke about during our planning meeting and while they definitely attended to the needs of our guests, they truly made the day about us, which we appreciated beyond measure.
Now. Let. Me. Tell. You. About. The. Food. DELICIOUS! They have a variety of cuisine and plenty of options to choose from. We did a tasting before hand, but honestly you don’t even have to because EVERYTHING is so good. They take into account special dietary preferences and that’s also part of the planning meeting which is pretty cool. We went with a family style dinner which our guests to this day still talk about. The passed food and stationary platters during cocktail hour were a big hit as well.. Planning a wedding and choosing where to have it is a big decision, but choosing Deity was the best decision we could have made and would be our same choice if we had to do it all over again. We cannot thank them enough for their HUGE part in the best day of our lives!

-Deity Bride

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We had THE most amazing wedding in September 2018 and give Deity ALL the credit. We cannot rave enough about this place. Caio and his team exceeded our highest expectations and we have Z-E-R-O regrets. From setting up our appointment to check out the venue, Haley and Caio were incredibly responsive and answered all of our questions thoughtfully & convincingly (and we had a lot of questions…). This was actually the only venue we checked out. We appreciated the all-inclusive concept and the fact that they were very transparent about their pricing. Is it the cheapest venue you’ll find in the NYC area? No, but the quality of the experience (and therefore low stress level) makes the pricing totally worth every penny. 1. The service – Their team is truly a well-oiled machine. The staff have been working with eachother and at the venue for years – this is very apparent (we’ve been to weddings where this is noticeably not the case aka they clearly don’t care about the guests’ experience). The Deity staff took care of us and our guests all night – our guests (including the bride’s difficult-to-please mother) consistently commented that the staff was amazing, efficient and friendly. We were truly able to enjoy our own wedding. 2. The food – is amazing. Our guests consistently said it was some of the best wedding food they’ve had. They thought it was catered from a restaurant! You don’t need to do the tasting (we didn’t)…just order the NY Strip and Tuna – you won’t regret it. 3. DJ Eno – We had guests who didn’t leave the dance floor the entire night! We would hire him again in a heartbeat. 4. The venue – we loved the unique look and it really embodies “Brooklyn.” One thing we didn’t initially love – the venue is separated by several floors and requires walking up and down flights of stairs (which we thought our guests would complain about). It ended up being a non-issue and people actually commented that they loved the flow of the entire night. One thing in particular we didn’t like at first was that the dance floor is in the cellar, separate from the dining area (like most traditional weddings). However, this ended up being a HUGE hit. Our guests loved this unique feature and had a blast. Separately, the venue’s string lights and the candles they provide are more than enough decor so we didn’t do any floral arrangements (which saved us thousands of dollars). We just got rose petals for the tabletops and aisle, but think we could’ve even done without. 5. They allow dogs – our beloved dog got to be part of our ceremony which made our day even more special

-Deity Groom

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“Adding to the chorus of praise, but our wedding at Deity on 4/13 was easily the best party (and day) of our lives. Caio, Tom, Karl, Jeantique, Melissa and Anna made our day stress-free, seamless and fun.

The food was great: compliments to Chef Kary Kippins, whose talent is still the talk of our family and friends. I’ve worked in the service industry and as such have many of our guests, and we were all impressed by everything that came out of the kitchen. Our DJ Ben who, by the way, is an actual DJ and not a guy with an iPod, made our dance party killer. It was really cool to have a talent like Ben as a part of our night: it’s obvious he can do so much more than spin at weddings but was great at that nonetheless. The Deity crew helped us plan from beginning to end and were always responsive, patient and excited for us. The space is as beautiful as you see in pictures if not more.

Highly recommend renting the bridal suite as well: we didn’t stay overnight because we live nearby, but it was a great (and spacious) place for our wedding parties to hang during the day and take pictures before the ceremony. Caio made sure we were fully stocked with beer and our photographers had easy access to the roof for our group photos and first look. It’s a really beautiful space and it’s well worth it!

I almost wish we had an excuse to throw another party there. We can’t recommend/thank Deity enough.”

-Deity Groom

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From the moment we saw the venue, we fell in love with it! Caio was so helpful with everything. His staff Yulia, Ana and James just to name a few that helped us on our special day were exceptional! From the preparation, ceremony, food and drinks Carlos and I had nothing to worry about. Everything was perfect. I cant believe how managed the event was. Everyone raved how good the food was. Thank you so much for making our wedding a perfect event!”

-Deity Bride

“Just Excellent… The staff was super professional, kept us on the loop, beautiful place, not much extra decoration needed. We are big on food, music, and drinks and deity had it all!”

-Deity Bride

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